Fall in Love with Flavor and Elegance: Essential Components for Your Most Romantic Charcuterie Board Ever

Laura Jensen

Fall in Love with Flavor and Elegance:

Essential Components for Your  Most Romantic Charcuterie Board Ever

For much of the world, excellent foods are associated with celebration, comfort, love and romance.   When something wonderful happens, Americans celebrate with food—from birthdays to holidays to wedding days, there’s an ideal charcuterie board to help you express the love you have for the people you invite to your table.  This Valentine’s Day, your special spread can be designed by you with guidance provided by Laura Jensen, The Char-Cutie at Jensen Reserve. 

Too often, people are rather shy about assembling their own charcuterie boards. With our insight regarding flavor contrast and complement to help, just about anyone can do this for themselves for perfect pairings and sharings every time. Like your romance itself, the ideal combination of food and beverage for a loving evening depends on understanding how great things come together naturally.  

The Perfect Mini Charcuterie Kit

To get you started, Laura has put together the perfect Mini Charcuterie Kit with chocolates included.  Once you have this, simply choose your favorite flavor accents to enhance your central flavors. Among the accents we add to our own celebrations are fruits and nuts, fudges, crackers, and cheeses. Adding your favorite charcuterie extras is a good idea, too.

Manifest Love and Romance

Now that you have these board components, it’s time to center yourself to recognize your inner artist:

  • Close your eyes.
  • Take a deep breath. 
  • Exhale slowly
  • Affirm: “I manifest love and romance.”

There is no way to mess up your masterpiece.  As the artist here, your way is, in fact, the best way.  Your partner is sure to add your creative presentation to a long list of Reasons to Love You.

Flavor, Contrast, Color

To keep focused on displaying your mouth-watering offerings like a pro, remember these important effects—Flavor, Contrast, Color.


Consider putting:

  • Primary Elements to the Center
  • Colorful Contrasts to Both or Either Sides
  • Accent Elements Along the Edges.

Your first attempt is likely to be perfect since all the components will come together so naturally and beautifully that you’ll fall in love with the finished product. 

Elegance and Glamor

We recommend bringing a favorite beverage to your romantic foodscape for the crowning touch.  What you want here is a flavor that boosts rather than competes with your meal.  

Red wine pairs very well with our Mini Charcuterie Kit assortment.  It’s hard to go wrong with a good Cabernet, and the lower carbs will help assuage any guilt chocolates and your indulgent night might tempt. Sparkling wine, sparkling water, and ginger ale are all excellent choices, too.  If an ultra glamorous finishing touch is more your style, don’t forget the chocolate martini for fun that goes on well into the night.  

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